» » Your Photo Stories (2) – Wichita Skyline

Your Photo Stories (2) – Wichita Skyline

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Folks, Ellen Edens is out there putting her camera to work! She is back again this week with a great nighttime shot of the Wichita, KS skyline.

Ellen's exciting story...

My grandson and I had attended a Final Friday event and saw the most amazing skyline picture of Wichita at one of the galleries. The young man who took it told us where to go to get the shot. I really liked it because everyone takes a view with Century 2. This shot was unlike any I had ever seen. So Daren and I picked a night to take the same shot (we actually told the original photographer we were going to).

When we arrived I saw I would have to go on a fire escape to get the view. Which terrifies me! The view was amazing and with my grandson's help we took some amazing shots. Then a security guard came and told us we would have to leave... I kept talking to him so I could get as close as the correct exposure as I could. I hope Daren remembers this adventure, plus we are now banned from the roof together 🙂

What a great story! We photographers go to great lengths to capture the perfect shot...please avoid jail in the process. 🙂 Thank you for sharing another great photograph with us!


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