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Picture of the Week (41) – My Hero

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Three days ago, I received the greatest Father's Day gift a father can ask for, a new baby girl. Her name is Ella and she is more precious than I imagined. I will post more about her next week, as this post is about our Father's and their special day.

What do you know about Father's Day? Before writing this post, I knew very little about the origin of Father's Day, so I would like to take a minute to share a few fun facts with you. According to History.com staff, "On July 19,1910, the governor of the U.S. state of Washington proclaimed the nation's first Father's Day. However, it was not until 1972, 58 years after President Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day official, that the day became a nationwide holiday in the United States." Kudos to our amazing mother's for paving the way for Father's Day.

This week's picture of the week goes to my father, David. Dad, if you are reading this, I promise not to get too emotional. 🙂 Alright viewers, grab my hand as I take you back in time to a little corner of my life I will refer to as, meeting for the first time. A reclusive seven-year-old boy stares out a window of an old red station wagon. With eyes wide as the moon, he stares in awe of passing vehicles and buildings foreign to his eyes. He has never been this far from his caregiver's home and is curious where this peculiar trip ends.

The station wagon reaches its destination, slowly stopping in front of an unfamiliar home. Standing on the porch of the home is a man and woman smiling from ear to ear. The boy recognizes the woman, but he does not recognize the man. As the boy's caregiver exits the vehicle, she asks him to follow her up to the home. Filled with anxiety, he follows his caregiver down a narrow sidewalk leading up to the home. Standing close to his caregiver, the boy waits patiently while she converses with the couple. Enthralled with his surroundings and children playing nearby, the boy does not hear the conversion between his caregiver and the couple. The caregiver looks down at the boy and tells him she will return for him later that afternoon. As the caregiver pulls away from the home, the couple greets the timid boy with open arms. The boy quickly hugs the woman, however, he has no interest in hugging the man. The boy feels comfortable with the woman, as he remembers interacting with her several times at his caregiver's home. He particularly remembers her kindness and the large cardboard gifts they would spend time playing with in the backyard.

The unfamiliar, yet kind looking man tries to comfort the boy, but he is resistant to the man's attempts. The boy's cold disposition towards the man is hurtful, but the patient man does not give up. As the afternoon continues, the boy eventually warms up to the man, as he can sense kindness in him. Sadly, time with the couple is quickly coming to an end, so the boy wants to apologize to his new friend for the way he treated him. The boy talks to the woman about his behavior and asks if he can apologize by giving a hug. Encouraged by the woman, the boy slowly approaches the man and reaches out to him. The man gladly embraces the boy and the heartbreaking moment is caught on camera. The caregiver arrives and the boy jumps into the backseat of the station wagon. As the station wagon pulls away, the boy looks out the window to see the smiling couple waving goodbye. He is absolutely thrilled with the quality time he was allowed to spend with the couple, and little did he know, the man he met that day would become his greatest champion, his hero, his father.

You see, my father adopted me when I was seven-years-old. The couple that day is my mother and father, and spending time with them on that special day is one of the greatest moments of my life. Along with a strong mother, I believe every child should have a strong father figure in their life. A man to guide, educate, mentor and protect them.  My father helped me to overcome great challenges in my life, and I cannot imagine life without him. I was very reclusive in my early years, and my father helped me to overcome my reclusive behavior by encouraging me to not be afraid to talk to people. Not long ago, I gave a speech to a large audience at a conference. When asked, "How do you get up there and speak in front of all those people without getting nervous?" I simply replied, "My father."

I love you Dad, and I hope you have a fabulous Father's Day!


About the Shot

The shot was taken at my sisters wedding shortly before my father was about to give her away to her future husband. I am sure emotions were running high that night.


"Until you have a son of your own... you will never know the joy, the love beyond feeling that resonates in the heart of a father as he looks upon his son."

― Kent Nerburn


Camera Settings and Edits

  • Photograph name: My Hero
  • Camera Model: Canon EOS Rebel T5i
  • Shutter Speed: 1/200
  • Aperture: f/4
  • ISO: 160
  • Lens: 28-105mm L
  • Focal Length: 75 mm
  • Image Quality: RAW
  • White Balance: Auto

4 Responses

  1. Mom
    | Reply

    Son I am filled with joy and love!!! You are such a blessing from God . You don’t realize how special you are not just to your Dad and I but to each and every person you meet. You have become such a wonderful man, father and brother. I love you, Mom

  2. Deb League
    | Reply

    I thought this wouldn’t be emotional!? I’m still drying my eyes. I love you so much and we are so lucky to have such an amazing father. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

  3. Anthony
    | Reply

    Thank you both! I am very blessed to have such an amazing family.

  4. Dad
    | Reply

    Wow! I happened upon this post again while looking over your awesome website. Drying my eyes again.


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