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Wazipic™ Community Spotlight (1)

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I am extremely excited to announce the very first Wazipic™ Community Spotlight—technically the second if you include Santa. My goal for the spotlight is to highlight small businesses, organizations and individuals who are supporting Wichita, Kansas and surrounding communities in a positive way. My long-term goal for the community spotlight is to cover stories stretching well beyond the Kansas border. However, to get the ball rolling, I am sticking close to home.

Photographs are the foundation supporting the stories featured in the Wazipic™ Community Spotlight—after all, this is a photography website. 🙂 I have said it before, and I will say it again, every photograph has a story that needs to be told. These photographs will offer you a glimpse into the heart of what is fueling the positive impact created by these individuals and organizations throughout our community.

This week I am spotlighting Project RunAway—an annual event hosted by Wichita State University. The mission of Project RunAway is to help raise funds for Wichita State University's SHIFTSPACE Gallery and for its ceramics program—a program in desperate need of new kilns. To accomplish this mission, multiple talented high school students and Wichita State University students revealed their artistic talents to the public at Project RunAway. These individuals wear fabulous artistic creations while traversing a runway surrounded by art enthusiasts, fellow students, Wichita Sate University alumni, art advocates and faculty.

Throughout the gallery listed below, you will notice several bizarre, yet very interesting photographs of the awards (trophies) presented at the event. These amazing creations range from second place to best in show. At first glance, they look a little twisted. However, after careful examination you will start to see the symbolism behind each piece. I realize the art is not for everyone, but I absolutely love it!!!

I have so much more to share, but unfortunately I am running out of time. The Wazipic™ Community Spotlight will not run weekly due to time limitations. My goal is to post a minimum of one story a month and will post updates on my Facebook page to keep you posted. I hope you enjoy the spotlight!

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