Young Anthony J. McSwain

Hello, and thank you for visiting my website! My name is Anthony J. McSwain — a grown man with an imagination of a child.  I am nuts about photography! In fact, I find myself dreaming about DSLR cameras equipped with massive 1000mm telephoto lenses. My camera addiction brought me to the point where I decided to share my photographs and the creative thoughts behind them with friends, family and photographers just like you.

The purpose of this website is to entertain, enlighten, collaborate and to provide photographers insight into my creative thought process and why I chose to capture the images posted throughout this website. Like most humans, every image has a story, a story that needs to be told. The story behind the photograph is what gives it life and separates it from just another photograph on the web.

The handsome little devil in the black & white photo is me rocking some 80's swagger. I love this photograph for many reasons, but the main reason is because it is my father's favorite. He posted the photograph on his Facebook page the day I graduated from college. The photograph was taken by my cousin for a school photography project— according to my father, the photograph landed him an A for the project.